Pokemon Go Sends Out Hilarious WTF Tweet About Cubone's Dead Mom

Pokemon Go has turned to a very strange tactic to sell items in its in-game store. Last week, Pokemon Go released a new batch of Halloween items in their in-game store, including new trainer items that are based on some of the Halloween costumes worn by various Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Some of these items have very strange descriptions, as captured in a weird Tweet sent out by Pokemon Go last night. The tweet promotes a new Cubone cap that players can give their avatar to wear, but it quickly points out the dark secret about Cubone's skull cap:

Technically, the Pokemon Go tweet isn't wrong, and Cubone's skull cap was one of the first signs that the Pokemon franchise wasn't all fun and forcing super-powered animals for sport. However, we're not sure that pointing out Cubone's macabre habits is the best way to sell optional clothing items for a mobile game. But hey - if you think wearing literal skills is "neat," then definitely grab the Cubone cap today.

The Cubone cap isn't the only messed up clothing description. The description for the Zubat Bag reads "Zubat's skin is so thin, it will burn if sunlight hits it. If you can relate, show off with the new Zubat Bag!"

Luckily, these Halloween items are purely optional and for aesthetic purposes. You can grab the items from the In-Game store today, so that you can be reminded of Cubone's dead mom or Zubat's sunlight sensitivity whenever you play Pokemon Go.