More Evidence Emerges That Pokemon Go Is Adding Delibird for the Holidays

We could see one more new Pokemon in Pokemon Go before the end of the year.

Yesterday, Pokemon Go announced plans to introduce 50 new Pokemon from Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire into the game by the end of this week. Sure enough, a new update went out on Android and Apple App Stores yesterday, which seemingly added the last bits of code needed to bring all these new Pokemon into the game.

However, players also discovered evidence that a missing "Gen 2" Pokemon will also be making an appearance in Pokemon Go very soon. Hidden in the code of the new update is a new fast move called "Present," which Pokemon fans will recognize as Delibird's signature move.

Delibird is a holiday-themed Pokemon that gives out "presents" from its sack-like tail. While these presents usually explode and do damage, they also occasionally heal opponents. Delibird is one of two Pokemon from the first two sets of Pokemon games that have not appeared in Pokemon Go, along with Smeargle. While Smeargle has a weird moveset that's not really suited to Pokemon Go, most players assumed that Pokemon Go was just saving Delibird for the holiday season.

Players also noticed a suspicious easter egg in the most recent loading screen, which mainly features "Gen 3" Pokemon around a Christmas tree. The artwork shows a present falling from the sky, seemingly thrown by an obscured Pokemon behind a tree. That obscured Pokemon looks an awful lot like Delibird, although its face is completely hidden.


Yesterday, Niantic confirmed that Pokemon Go would have a holiday event, with an estimated start date of December 21st. We should find out more details about Pokemon Go's year end plans in a few weeks