Ed Sheeran Teases Pokemon Go Collaboration

Ed Sheeran has announced plans to collaborate with Pokemon Go. The British Grammy Award-winning singer and Game of Thrones actor posted a cryptic tease on Twitter earlier today teasing an upcoming collaboration with the popular Pokemon-themed mobile game. No other details were announced by Sheeran and the Pokemon Go social media pages and blog have been silent about Sheeran's assumed involvement with the game. 

Sheeran is apparently a Pokemon fan. Back in May, he posted a picture of himself looking pensively at an oversized Snorlax plush on Instagram, accompanied by the poignant message "Snorlax knows what's up."

Sheeran has previously commented on the Pokemon franchise, noting that Pokemon Black is "wicked" on his Twitter account. He has previously stated that his favorite Pokemon was Articuno, noting that it was a Flying-type Pokemon, but also an Ice-type Pokemon that could "f--- up" other Flying-type Pokemon. It's pretty clear that Sheeran was at some point a Pokemon fan and still has at least a soft spot for the franchise. It is noted that he referred to Entei, Raikou, and Suicune as "Legendary Dogs" in a past interview when they clearly are based off of cats, so his Pokemon knowledge definitely has some holes in it.

This would be another major collaboration between a Pokemon-related entity and a major musician. Earlier this year, The Pokemon Company teamed up with the likes of Katy Perry and Post Malone to produce a full Pokemon-themed music album. That collaboration resulted in Pikachu appearing in a Katy Perry video and a CG version of Post Malone singing about sexual relationships as Pokemon intently listened. 

It's unclear what the Pokemon Go/Ed Sheeran collaboration could be. The most likely tie-in would be some sort of musical cross-promotion, where Pokemon Go players got access to some sort of Sheeran song early. It's also possible that Pokemon Go could add Sheeran-themed avatar poses or clothing items to the game. However, don't expect Sheeran to appear in Pokemon Go as a catchable character - that is a privilege reserved solely for Pokemon.