Pokemon Go Fans Not Thrilled By Electabuzz's Alleged Low Catch Rate

Pokemon Go fans are upset that today's Community Day event has a much lower catch rate than expected. Pokemon Go is hosting an Electabuzz Community Day event today, which features a massive influx of Electabuzz appearing in the game. Typically, Community Day events come with much higher catch rates, but fans are convinced that something is amiss after participating in today's festivities. The common speculation is that Pokemon Go developers changed the catch rate in the Game Master file (which explains why Electabuzz's catch circle reflects a higher catch rate), but the catch rate wasn't changed server side, resulting in lots of wasted Poke Balls and bad experiences.

Electabuzz has a rather low default catch rate, with about a 20% base rate. While things like Razz Berries, curved throws, and accurate throws all improve the chances of success, it's still a pretty low rate compared to other Pokemon. Niantic was supposed to update the catch rate to 40%, bringing it in line with other Community Day Pokemon, but it seems that some sort of mistake was made.

Currently, two of the top posts on Reddit's Silph Road are threads complaining about the strange catch rate issues. Many of the comments correlate the low catch rates, with some fans requesting a make up date due to the error. Players on Twitter are also loudly complaining about the issues.

Niantic did NOT increase Electabuzz catch rate, circle still shows a boost because the Gamemaster DID however update. from r/TheSilphRoad
Catch rate of Electabuzz not boosted? from r/TheSilphRoad

Now that the issues are out in the public, North and South American players are hoping that Niantic fixes the issue before it comes to the United States. The Electabuzz Community Day event is due to start at 11 AM local time, and runs through 5 PM.