How to Defeat Shiny Entei in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go has unleashed the Shiny form of Entei, and today is the perfect day to grab one. [...]

Pokemon Go has unleashed the Shiny form of Entei, and today is the perfect day to grab one. Pokemon Go is holding an Entei Raid Day from 4 PM to 7 PM local time to celebrate the completion of last week's Global Challenge. During the mini-event, players can find Entei Raids at every gym. If they're lucky, they might even encounter the Shiny form of Entei after defeating it. Shiny Pokemon are variant-colored versions of Entei and are prized by many players due to their rarity. Today marks the first day that players can potentially encounter and catch the Shiny form of Entei, which has a brown color scheme instead of its usual dark red.

Entei is one of the strongest Fire-type Pokemon in Pokemon Go, which makes today a great opportunity to farm for Entei candies or add the Pokemon to your collection. As a pure Fire-type Pokemon, Entei is weak against Water-type, Rock-type, and Ground-type Pokemon. The best counter to Entei is the Legendary Pokemon Kyogre, which is both bulky and has access to the strongest Water-type moves in the game. Other top tier options include Feraligatr (with Hydro Pump), Palkia (with Hydro Pump), or Rampardos with all Rock-type moves.

Other solid options include Gyarados with Water-type moves, Tyranitar with Rock-type moves, Rhyperior, and Garchomp. Players can also fill out their team with more common Water-type Pokemon like Vaporeon, Omastar, Swampert, and Blastoise, or with Pokemon like Alolan Golem and Salamence.

As with all raids, the key to beating Entei is picking Pokemon with the right moves and to find a large raid party. Entei can easily be defeated by groups of five or more experienced trainers. Because of today's festivities, it shouldn't be too hard to find a raid party, especially if there's a local area with a high concentration of gyms.

The Entei Raid Day will take place between 4 PM and 7 PM.