'Pokemon Go' Has a Subtle Way of Showing If Your Friendship Levels Have Increased

Pokemon Go's recent update added a way for players to track which of their friends they've [...]

Pokemon Go's recent update added a way for players to track which of their friends they've interacted with for the day in order to increase their friendship levels.

Earlier this summer, Pokemon Go added a new Friendship feature to the game, which gives players the ability to send and receive gifts, trade, and receive bonuses while battling with other trainers. Players increase their Friendship Levels over time, which unlocks bigger bonuses (like a lower Stardust cost for trading) and also periodically gives out extra XP for reaching certain milestones.

The easiest way for players to increase their friendship levels with other players is to send and receive gifts. The friendship level between two players automatically increases when one of the players opens up a gift that the other has sent them. However, if you have a large friend list or have friends that don't open gifts on a daily basis, it can be difficult to determine who to send gifts to in order to optimize your gift distribution and make sure that you're increasing your friendship levels with as many players as possible.

However, Pokemon Go's latest update added a very easy way to tell whether you've increased your friendship level with a player on a particular day. Friends whose friendship levels have increased for the day are marked by a faint blue halo around their avatar picture, while those friends whose friendship levels haven't increased don't. You can see an example below, as the top friend had their friendship level increased, while the lower friend has not:

pogo example

While this addition is hardly revolutionary, it is a big quality of life improvement for those players who have huge friends lists. Since Pokemon Go caps the number of gifts a player can open a day, players can use the halos to decide whose gifts they should open.

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