'Pokemon Go' Announces "Gen 4" Pokemon Are Coming

Pokemon Go has announced plans to release a new wave of Pokemon into the game.

Earlier today, Pokemon's social media accounts released a 20-second video showing Pokemon like Turtwig, Chimchar, and other Pokemon originally discovered in the Sinnoh region waking up. A tweet with the video mentioned that these new Pokemon would appear in the game "soon."

Obviously, this is great news for Pokemon Go fans, as it means tons of new Pokemon to catch in the coming months. There were over 100 Pokemon first seen in the Gen 4 games Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl, including several new evolutions of existing Pokemon.

New Pokemon aren't the only big change coming to Pokemon Go. Pokemon.com also noted that the game will undergo a major rebalance to improve both spawn rates and a Pokemon's in-game stats.

Pokemon Go will be reducing the effect that weather has on spawn rates, thus preventing the overwhelming weather spawns that seem to crowd out native Pokemon species to certain areas. Also, parks and nature reserves will contain more varied Pokemon species, and a greater variety of Pokemon will appear the longer a player explores a single area.


The game will also be rebalancing CP values and adjusting the HP of certain Pokemon. Defense and Stamina stats will also be rebalanced to make high Defense Pokemon more effective in battle. Too often, Pokemon with strong Defense stats have bad Stamina, which mutes their abilities, so this rebalance should help some Pokemon become a lot more useful in game. Also, most Pokemon's Defense stats will be reduced to help "narrow the gap" between high Defense and low Defense Pokemon.

Obviously, some big changes are coming to Pokemon Go. Stay tuned for more info about when the new Pokemon will be released, and what the new changes mean for the popular mobile game.