Pokemon Go's Global Catch Challenge Gets Back on Track on Day 2

Pokemon Go players are on track to unlock Farfetch'd in the Global Catch Challenge.On Sunday, [...]

Pokemon Go players are on track to unlock Farfetch'd in the Global Catch Challenge.

On Sunday, Pokemon Go challenged their players to catch 3 billion Pokemon in just one week in order to unlock a ton of bonuses and cool prizes. The grand prize for this "Global Catch Challenge" would be a 48 hour window in which Farfetch'd would spawn all around the world instead of just in its usual home in East Asia.

Unfortunately, the event got off to a rough start as players caught less than 10% of the 3 billion goal on Sunday and Monday. However, Pokemon Go players rallied on Tuesday by catching over nearly 500 million Pokemon in a day to get the Global Catch Challenge back on track.

Players have caught over 777 million Pokemon, which puts them at over 25% of the three billion threshold. If players keep catching over 450 million Pokemon per day, they should hit that 3 billion Pokemon mark by November 26th.

Pokemon Go players are also over halfway to the 1.5 billion milestone, which will unlock Double Stardust through December 1st. By passing the 500 million threshold earlier today, Pokemon Go players unlocked a double XP bonus, longer lures, and increased spawn rates around the world.

Reaching that 3 billion Pokemon goal could still be hard to reach, especially with Thanksgiving happening on Thursday in the United States. While most US Pokemon Go players will have the day off from work, many will be spending the day with family and friends and filling themselves up with lots of turkey and mashed potatoes.

We'll continue to report on the Global Catch Challenge as we get more updates. Hopefully we see another big jump in Pokemon numbers tomorrow!