Pokemon Go Players Aren't Doing Too Hot in the Global Catch Challenge

Pokemon Go players are on pace to miss the end goal of this week's Global Catch [...]

Pokemon Go players are on pace to miss the end goal of this week's Global Catch Challenge.

Yesterday, Pokemon Go announced a new event in which players around the world could unlock various rewards for catching a certain number of Pokemon. The end goal is to catch 3 billion Pokemon in just seven days in order to unlock a chance for players around the world to catch Farfetch'd, a Pokemon that typically only appears in East Asia.

Pokemon Go tweeted out the results of the event's first day and it's not looking too great for trainers. According to the tweet, players have caught a little under 300 million Pokemon in one day.

That number seems impressive...until you realized that Pokemon Go players would only catch about 2.1 billion Pokemon if they kept up that pace for the rest of the week, which is far short of the event's intended goal.

If players wanted to reach that 3 billion Pokemon mark, they'll need to increase their capture rate by over 50% for the remaining six days. Based on the numbers in the video above, players will need to catch 450 million Pokemon per day to complete the Global Catch Challenge.

Of course, it didn't help that Pokemon Go announced the event on a Sunday afternoon and didn't provide clear instructions as to when the event actually started. The timing of the event is also a little worrisome, as it falls during Thanksgiving, a national holiday in the United States that could negatively impact catch rates on Wednesday through Sunday, when many people will be traveling.

We'll have to see if Pokemon Go players can pick up the pace, or if this Global Catch Challenge is doomed for failure. Stay tuned for another update tomorrow.