'Pokemon Go' Grandpa Goes Viral Again For Upgrading Epic Mobile Rig

Earlier this year we shared a story about an older man in Taiwan that went viral for his impressive Pokemon Go dedication. Dubbed 'Pokemon Go Grandpa', it looks like the advanced trainer just upped his rig again and has once more captured the hearts of the Internet.

His name is Chen San-Yuan and his love for all things Pokemon took Twitter by storm once more for all of the different devices he uses to 'catch 'em all'. With a set up like that? We can't even hope to compete:

Mr. San-Yuan is truly next level but honestly? It just goes to show how incredible the Pokemon community is! The love for this franchise that has spawned so many amazing memories is unparalled and there is no age limit for enjoyment. Seeing this man living his best life, doing what he loves, enjoying a game he enjoys - it's simple, but inspiring in its simplicity. Sometimes a game can just be enjoyed for what it is.

Though, this enjoyment doesn't come cheap. In the video at the top of the article, the Pokemon Go Grandpa mentioned that he does spend quite a bit on this game. Just like most mobile titles, microtransactions are available to make the gaming experience "smoother" and he admitted to being roped into the purchasable items in-game. He mentioned that he pays close to ten thousand per month using this option in the mobile title.


Regardless, it's his money and it's obvious he's a passionate Pokemon fan. But seeing the evolution of his rig since he first went viral, we're kind of excited to see what he comes up with next!