Hat Wearing Pikachu Invade Pokemon Go

Players will have the opportunity to catch a bunch of Pikachu sporting headwear in Pokemon Go this week. Pokemon Go announced that a bevy of different hat-wearing Pikachu will spawn around the world beginning on August 6th. Each day, Pikachu will sport a different hat in celebration of the latest Pokemon Go Fest, which begins in Yokohama Japan tomorrow. Pikachu will sport everything from a floral arrangement to a deerstalker cap over the next seven days, which feel apt considering this week also marks the beginning of Yokohama's Pikachu Outbreak Festival, an annual festival featuring thousands of Pikachu mascots.

Pikachu will wear a Witch's cap, a deerstalker, a Santa hat, a birthday cap, a longbrimmed summer cap, a floral arrangement, and Ash's hat from the Pokemon anime. Pikachu has worn all of these hats before in Pokemon Go, but this week will be a good opportunity for newer players who have missed one or more of these special promotions.


Players will also have the opportunity to capture Shiny versions of Bonsly and Poliwag as part of separate events held in Pokemon Go this week. Players can also benefit from a special Gift event, which gives players the opportunity to both store and distribute more gifts to their friends, and complete special challenges related to this week's Pokemon Go Fest. If players can complete 16 million Field Research tasks, they'll also unlock a bevy of Stardust Bonuses and a special raid day feature Suicune later this month.