Pokemon Go Confirms Ho-Oh Raids Are Being Extended

A Niantic official has confirmed yesterday's report that Ho-Oh will be sticking around a bit in Pokemon Go.

Yesterday, we reported that Pokemon Go allegedly had plans to extended an ongoing mini-event involving the Legendary Pokemon Ho-Oh. Ho-Oh is currently appearing as a raid boss as a reward for beating November's Global Catch Challenge and was originally due to leave the game on December 12th.

However, after Pokemon Go identified and correct a bug that prevented many players from catching Ho-Oh over the weekend, Niantic's support team allegedly sent out emails assuring concerned players that they would extend the length of time Ho-Oh will appear in the game.

We noted yesterday that the only "evidence" of these plans were several screenshots of emails posted on Reddit...which isn't exactly the strongest proof. But when asked to confirm the validity of these emails, a Niantic community liaison stated that the emails are "real," which means Ho-Oh is definitely sticking around.


As of now, we don't know if Pokemon Go will just extend the length of the Ho-Oh mini-event, or if they'll transition Ho-Oh into another event to celebrate the holiday season. Earlier this year, Pokemon Go capped off the initial addition of Legendary Pokemon to the game with a two week long event in which all the Legendary Birds were available to fight.

Anything's possible, but we can expect some sort of announcement later this week. With "Gen 3" Pokemon also coming soon, the coming month could be very busy for Pokemon Go fans.