Pokemon Go Announces January Events, Including New Pokemon, Shadow Moltres, and More

Pokemon Go has announced a full slate of January events. Earlier today, Pokemon Go announced most of its January plans, which will include new Pokemon, a new Shadow Legendary Pokemon, and a new Research Breakthrough encounter. Starting on January 1st, players will be able to encounter a Lapras that knows either Ice Shard or Ice Beam whenever they obtain a Research Breakthrough encounter. Lapras originally had these attacks when the game first came out, but Pokemon Go retired this moveset back in 2018. Ice Shard and Ice Beam are both decent Ice-type attacks and give Lapras some additional use in battles.

Pokemon Go will also introduce Shadow Moltres as the newest Shadow Legendary Pokemon under Giovanni's influence. Players can complete a new Special Research quest starting in January that culminates in a showdown with Giovanni and his newest Legendary Pokemon. Please note that players who don't complete December's Special Research until January won't be able to get Shadow Zapdos - Giovanni's current Shadow Legendary Pokemon.

Heatran will also be a featured Legendary Pokemon in raids beginning on January 7th through February 4th. This time around, players may encounter Shiny Heatran after defeating the Pokemon in Raid Battles.


Finally, Pokemon Go will celebrate the Adventure Sync Hatchathon starting on January 2nd. In addition to getting extra Stardust, Rare Candies, and Unova Stones by walking certain distances, players can also find Pokemon wearing party hats by hatching eggs or encountering them in the wild. One of these Pokemon will likely be Party Hat Wurmple, a long desired Pokemon who first appeared in a loading screen at the beginning of 2018.

In addition to the new events, Pokemon Go also confirmed that more Pokemon from Pokemon Black and White will be added to the game starting sometime in January. More information about which Pokemon will be released at a later time.