Pokemon Go Fixes Recent Log In Issue

Pokemon Go has announced it has fixed a server issue affecting many players' ability to log into the game. The log in problems had started early Friday afternoon and was acknowledged by Pokemon Go in a brief tweet.

Interestingly, the log in issues seemed to affect both users with a Google account and those with a Pokemon Trainers Club account. Recently, most log in issues were due to problems with the Pokemon Trainers Club servers and not with Pokemon Go itself.

Although Pokemon Go quickly fixed the server issue, it took nearly two hours for both Google accounts and Pokemon Trainers Club accounts to return to normal. Pokemon Go finally posted the "all clear" later in the afternoon.

In a thread about the log in issues on Reddit, a Niantic customer service official also confirmed that the company was looking for a more permanent resolution to the log in issues surrounding Pokemon Trainer Club accounts. Players have frequently requested the option to migrate their account from a Pokemon Trainers Club log in to a Google account.

These log in issues were unrelated to a separate issue that prevented Sprint users from accessing Pokemon Go. Niantic is working with Sprint to find a solution to those issues as well.

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