Pokemon Go Will Unlock Moltres Day on September 8 as Global Challenge Reward

Pokemon Go has officially announced plans for a final Legendary Bird day in early September as a [...]

Pokemon Go has officially announced plans for a final Legendary Bird day in early September as a reward for completing this weekend's Global Challenge.

The popular mobile game will host its third and final Global Challenge, in which players will need to complete over 15 million Field Research quests in order to unlock various rewards. Players divided by region will work towards unlocking Stardust bonuses for catching Pokemon, hatching Pokemon, and defeating raid bosses. If all the Global Challenges are successfully completed, Pokemon Go players will also unlock a special Moltres Day event on September 8th.

Moltres Day will place a Moltres in every single gym around the world for a three hour period, which matches up with that area's Community Day times. Players will get up to five free raid passes to battle Moltres, and players might even encounter a Shiny Moltres if they defeat the Pokemon in battle.

Plus, Moltres will know the Flying-Type move Sky Attack, which it doesn't usually learn in the game. While Moltres is usually associated with being a strong Fire-Type attacker, Sky Attack is a powerful Flying-Type move and would make one of the best Flying-Type attackers - perfect for dealing with Fighting-Type and Grass-Type Raid Bosses.

Pokemon Go has at least one other surprise planned, provided that players complete this weekend's Global Challenge. There's a "Ultra Bonus" that will unlock after completing all three of this summer's Global Challenges. Pokemon Go has largely kept quiet about what the Ultra Bonus reward is, but the popular speculation is that it's the start of a rollout of "Gen 4" Pokemon.

The Global Challenge will take place on September 1 and September 2nd. Any rewards obtained from completing the Global Challenge will be active from September 3rd through September 10th. Moltres Day will take place on September 8th.