Pokemon Go's Holiday Attack Gets a Special Animation

Pokemon Go has added a late holiday present for trainers.

Last week, Pokemon Go launched its holiday event, which added over 20 new Pokemon to the game and ushered in the return of the Christmas-themed "Santa Hat Pikachu." One of the new Pokemon was Delibird, a Pokemon associated with the holidays due to its ability to throw out explosive presents out of its sack-like tail.

Delibird's "Present" attack even made its way into Pokemon Go as a fast attack, complete with a special sound effect. Yesterday, Pokemon Go went one step further and added a new attack animation that shows Delibird tossing wrapped gifts at its opponents when it uses its Present move. Here's a shot of what Delibird's corrected attack looks like in the game.

Delibird & Pikachu throws presents after today’s GameMaster update! from TheSilphRoad

Delibird isn't the only Pokemon that can use "Present" in Pokemon Go. Any costumed Pikachu (Santa Hat, Party Hat, Ash Hat, or Witch Hat) can also learn Present when a Fast TM is used on it. All Santa Hat Pikachu currently found in the wild also know "Present" naturally.


It seems a bit strange that Pokemon Go added the special animation to the game nearly a week after the event started, especially as there's still other issues with the "Present" attack. Several foreign language versions of the game mistranslated the attack, using the word for the state of time instead of the word for gift.

Anyways, Pokemon Go claims that they have a few more surprises to roll out before year end. We'll see if they're telling the truth or if they're going to start 2018 off on Delibird's naughty list!