Pokemon Go Testing New Raid Feature

Niantic's "Ready to Raid" feature will start Pokemon Go Raids quicker.

Pokemon Go Raids could go a lot quicker thanks to a feature that's now being tested by Niantic. According to a new Tweet from the Niantic Support Twitter account, Pokemon Go players in the London, Osaka City, and Suita City areas will be able to test a new "Ready to Raid" button. Once all players have pressed the button and agreed to a follow-up prompt, the wait timer on the Raid will jump down to just 10 seconds, allowing them to get things started more quickly. The feature will work for those participating in both in-person Raids, as well as Remote Raids in the region.

In the Tweet below, Niantic has a short gif that shows the prompt, and the timer going from more than 100 seconds left, to just 10.

It might be a while before this feature gets rolled out across the game, but the Ready to Raid button should be an excellent quality-of-life improvement. Nearly every Pokemon Go player knows how frustrating it can be sitting and waiting for the clock to tick down for a Raid that doesn't need any more players jumping in. While Five-Star and Mega Raids often require as many players as you can rope in, One and Two-Star Raids can usually be taken down easily, and waiting on the timer is often the only thing that drags out the process. In the grand scheme of things, the button won't save players that much time, but it will solve a frustrating element of the game.

London and Osaka happen to be two of the locations that will be hosting Pokemon Go Fest 2023 next weekend, so it makes a bit of sense for the feature to be tested in those locations before being rolled out around the globe. Hopefully there won't be any major issues, and the Ready to Raid button will be deployed to all Pokemon Go players shortly after!

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