Pokemon Go Might Be Adding a Pay-to-Catch Pokemon

Pokemon Go fans have spotted a disturbing item on the game's in-app store, which could indicate the arrival of a pay-to-catch Pokemon. Earlier this week, Pokemon Go started its rollout of a new update. As with every update, dataminers dug into the code of game, looking for differences and searching for clues about what the game's future will hold. This time, players discovered evidence of a new Special Research event, named "A Colossal Discovery." The event is almost definitely linked to the Mythical Pokemon Regigigas, known as the Colossal Pokemon. What's interesting about the event is that it can only be accessed by using an event ticket, a separate item found in the game's most recent update.

At first, players wondered if they'd need to complete some sort of Field Research or hit another milestone to obtain the Event Ticket, similar to getting an EX Raid Pass. However, players than spotted the Event Ticket item on Pokemon Go's App Store page for $7.99. The model seems clear - Pokemon Go will offer players a premium in-game storyline by paying money, complete with a Mythical Pokemon that you can't get anywhere else.

Pokemon Go players are upset, and for good reason. This would be the first time that a Pokemon is trapped behind an actual paywall in the game. Previously, players could obtain every Pokemon as long as they either had the ability to travel around the world or had friends that traveled to different areas. But now, players will need to pay $7.99 if they want to continue their quest to complete the PokeDex.

Hopefully, the event ticket only grants early access to the Colossal Discovery event, similar to how past Pokemon Go Fests have worked. Pokemon Go has offered other Mythical Pokemon early to Pokemon Go Fest attendees, who had to pay money for tickets to the event. Players who didn't attend could eventually participate in the Special Research a few months after the Pokemon Go Fests ended.

Obviously, there's a lot of questions about this new Pokemon Go Special Research event, but we'll only have to wait a few more weeks for news. The event is scheduled to start on November 2nd.