Pokemon Go Adds Shiny Eevee for Community Day

Pokemon Go players: get ready to catch a ton of Shiny Eevee this weekend. Players in Europe, Asia, [...]

Pokemon Go players: get ready to catch a ton of Shiny Eevee this weekend.

Players in Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa have confirmed that Shiny Eevee and its evolutions are now available in Pokemon Go as part of this month's Community Day mini-event.

Pokemon Go players are excited about the prospect of catching Shiny Eevee, in part because it can evolve into one of five forms. As Eevee's evolutions are partially random, players will need to stockpile multiple Shiny Eevee in order to have a chance of adding all five Shiny Eeveelutions to their collection.

Luckily, Shiny Eevee should be readily available during Pokemon Go's Community Day mini-event, which actually will last for two days. As part of the Community Day festivities, Eevee will spawn in mass quantities on both Saturday and Sunday during traditional Community Day hours.

Unfortunately, there's only one way to ensure that Eevee evolves into a certain form, but it only works one time per Eeveelution. Pokemon Go coded the game so that players could guarantee a specific Eeveelution if they named their Eevee with a specific nickname. Once the naming trick is used (and most players used it way back in 2016 and 2017 when the game first came out), it can't be used a second time. If you haven't used the naming trick, here are the names you can name your Eevee if you want to guarantee your shiny Eeveelution:

Jolteon: Sparky

Vaporeon: Rainer

Flareon: Pyro

Umbreon: Tamao

Slyveon: Sakura

All Eevee caught during Community Day will know the move Last Resort, a decently powerful Normal-Type move. Any Eevee evolved during the event will also retain (or gain) Last Resort in their evolved form.

This weekend's Community Day will last two days. Players will be able to participate in the festivities during the following time periods on both Saturday and Sunday of this weekend:

Asia, Australia: 12pm to 3pm JST

Europe, Middle East, Africa, India: 10am to 1pm GMT

North America, South America and Greenland: 2pm to 5pm EST