Pokemon Go Gives Impossible to Get Pokemon an Impossible to Get Variant Form

One of Pokemon Go's rarest Pokemon now has a Shiny form. Last night, Pokemon Go unceremoniously announced that players could now obtain a Shiny Gible. The announcement was made via Twitter, when Pokemon Go quote-tweeted a fan that had caught or hatched a Shiny Gible earlier that day. Gible is a Dragon/Ground-type Pokemon that eventually evolves into Garchomp, the "pseudolegendary" Pokemon from the Gen IV games. While Garchomp is powerful, it hasn't made much of an impact in Pokemon Go, mainly due to its extreme rarity.

In fact, Pokemon Go's announcement of Shiny Gible was mostly met with disappointment and derision due to the Pokemon's rarity. The Pokemon is all but impossible to find in the wild and can only be hatched from 10 KM eggs. Whether deliberate or not, Gible is one of the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Go. While many players expected that Gible would eventually get a Community Day, so that players could actually catch the Pokemon and add it and its evolved form to their collections, yesterday's release throws that into doubt, as Pokemon Go usually saves Shiny releases for Community Day. Since Gible already has a Shiny form available in the wild, it would be mostly unprecedented (the very first Community Day did feature a Pokemon - Pikachu - that had its Shiny form already available) to give the Pokemon its own Community Day.


Shiny Pokemon have variant colorations than their normal non-Shiny forms and are typically quite rare. Thanks to Gible's base rarity, a Shiny Gible might be the rarest Pokemon now available in Pokemon Go. Of course, this could all change should Pokemon Go suddenly make Gible more available, but I'm personally not holding my breath.

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