Pokemon Go Adds Two New Shiny Pokemon for Next Week's Event

Pokemon Go is adding two new families of Shiny Pokemon for a pair of upcoming events starting next week. The popular mobile game will add the Shiny variants of Bonsly, Sudowoodo, Poliwag, Poliwhirl, Poliwrath, and Politoed as part as events coming to the game beginning tomorrow. The Shiny variant of Bonsly will be added to Pokemon Go beginning on August 5th as part of a special Gift-themed event. During the event, players can collect up to 20 gifts to send to friends and send up to 30 gifts per day. Any egg collected from a Gift during an event will contain a 2 KM egg instead of a 7 KM egg, but will feature the same Pokemon found in a 7 KM egg. Basically, players have a better chance of collecting Baby Pokemon like Bonsly during the event, which runs from August 5th through August 19th.

Meanwhile, the Shiny variant of Poliwag will be added to Pokemon Go to celebrate the next Pokemon Go Fest, which takes place on August 6th in Japan. Poliwag will spawn much more frequently around the globe during the 4-day Pokemon Go Fest, and players will be tasked with completing 16 million Field Research tasks. If completed, players will get special Stardust Bonuses and a Special Suicune Raid Day on August 17th.

In addition to the various Shiny events, players can also capture a Shiny Rayquaza by battling the Pokemon in raids through the month of August. Players can also battle Team Rocket Grunts in Pokemon Go at corrupted various PokeStops. Needless to say, Pokemon Go is having a very busy August, with plenty of events and bonuses for players to enjoy.