'Pokemon Go' Finally Gives Players More Pokemon Storage Space

Pokemon Go has finally given players the ability to store more Pokemon.

For months, players have impatiently waited for Pokemon Go to add more storage space for their Pokemon. The maximum storage limit has been at 1500 for months, and many of the game's most passionate players were out of space due to stockpiling Pokemon from different events, not to mention the addition of "Gen 3" and "Gen 4" Pokemon.

Earlier this year, a Pokemon.com article promised that Pokemon Go would increase the maximum Pokemon storage space and developers have finally come through with that promise. Last night, Pokemon Go announced via Twitter that players can now increase their maximum Pokemon storage space to 2000 Pokemon.

Players will still need to buy the increased storage from Pokemon Go's in-game store, at a rate of 200 coins to increase storage by 50 slots. Luckily, players can earn coins by placing their Pokemon in gyms, so they don't necessarily need to pay money for the extra space. Of course, players can also buy coins with real world money, so that's always an option if you don't want to wait weeks to collect enough coins to maximize your storage.


It's a good thing that Pokemon Go increased its maximum storage limits. Yesterday, Pokemon Go announced a special weekend-long Community Day event that will let players capture Pokemon from past Community Day events. The Pokemon (or its evolved form) will be able to learn their special Community Day moves, so this is a great chance to stockpile some of these powerful Pokemon. The Community Day event will start on November 30th and run through December 2nd.