Pokemon Go Teams Up With Philadelphia Libraries To Encourage Local Exploration

A partnership has been created between Pokemon Go and libraries in Philadelphia to unite gaming [...]

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A partnership has been created between Pokemon Go and libraries in Philadelphia to unite gaming and learning by encouraging players to explore their own communities more.

The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation's cooperation with the real-world Pokemon game will incorporate the Free Library of Philadelphia system's summer reading program with the educational initiative. Those players and readers who participate in the efforts while taking part in Philadelphia's Summer of Wonder program will be able to qualify for the chance to win a special item related to the game, though it's not yet been revealed what kind of item that might be.

Of course, the point of playing Pokemon Go is to get out there and hunt down some rare Pokemon to add to your collection, so as much as some people might enjoy being in a library, being stationary won't help you out much in the gaming department. To remedy that, part of the partnership between the game and the libraries consists of providing visitors and individuals participating in the summer program with a map that outlines all of the area's nearby PokeStops so that participants can get out and explore their own surroundings. Once the event is completed in September, there will be a celebration of all of the libraries in the area to finish out the program.

"We've integrated incredible and interesting locations that highlight Philadelphia's history and culture into Pokemon Go," says Vikram Grover, senior director of business development at Pokemon Go creator Niantic. "Partnering with Knight Foundation and Philadelphia's Free Library continues to build on Niantic's vision to create 'adventures on foot' and to bring communities together in the real world, at vital public institutions like libraries, to explore, learn and engage with these institutions."

If you're in the Philadelphia area and want to take part in the event, below is a list of all the five libraries that are participating:

  • Tacony LAB (through August 4) | 6918 Torresdale Avenue
  • Queen Memorial Library | 1201 S.23rd Street
  • Fumo Family Library | 2437 S. Broad Street
  • Lucien E. Blackwell West Philadelphia Regional Library | 123 S. 52nd Street
  • Parkway Central Library | 1901 Vine Street

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