Pokemon Go Players Creating Themed Gyms After Update

One of the most enjoyable changes that came with the recent Pokemon Go update is not one that was [...]

Pokemon Go Eevee Gym
(Photo: Will Hutter)

One of the most enjoyable changes that came with the recent Pokemon Go update is not one that was explicitly mentioned like the raids or the gym badge opportunities, but it's a side effect that players seem to really be enjoying. With the way the new gyms have been remodeled, players can now work together to build a themed gym, just like you'd see in traditional Pokemon games.

Pictures of these organized gyms have been popping up online since the update as players are figuring out that creating a themed gym is both entertaining and an entirely plausible strategy with the new motivation system in place.

One of the most sensible themed gym options, shown above, is an Eevee evolution gym. Seeing Eevee and its various final forms standing side-by-side is a welcome change from checking in on a gym only to find it absolutely stacked to the brim with Blissey and Dragonite, something that was all too common before the update that limited how many of each could be charged with defending the gym. Putting a limit of six fighters also adds to the theme appeal and makes it seem much more like you're battling a traditional gym.

Eevee gyms may be one of the more popular options, but other themes are beginning to show up as well, such as a nursery gym posted on TheSilphRoad featuring a bunch of tiny defenders who now have a chance since they can be kept around by being fed berries.

Pokemon Go Nursery GYm

With more players figuring out that creating themed gyms is more than possible, it's only a matter of time before players start replicating more gyms from the older games. Type-based gyms and those that match the teams of iconic Trainers from the games and animated series are all possibilities when it comes to the new gym update.

[via Kotaku]

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