Pokemon Go Announces New Pokemon Go Tour: Johto Event

Pokemon Go is bringing back its popular Pokemon Go Tour event for a second year. Today, Niantic announced that it would hold its second annual Pokemon Go Tour event in 2022, this time focused on the Johto region. The event will take place on February 26th and February 27th. No other details were provided for the event, other than that it will require a paid ticket, similar to the Pokemon Go Tour: Kanto event. More information will be provided closer to the event. 

Last year's Pokemon Go Tour: Kanto event was a celebration of the original Pokemon games in celebration of their 25th anniversary. The event featured a Collection Challenge featuring all 150 original Pokemon, as well as a Special Research quest that culminated in the appearance of Shiny Ditto and access to a second Special Research Quest involving Shiny Mew. Players who participated in the event also received access to boosted spawn rates of all the original Pokemon along with boosted Shiny rates for many of those Pokemon. Notably, the event was the first time that all 151 original Pokemon had their Shiny forms available in Pokemon Go.

Nearly 20 Johto Pokemon still do not have their Shiny forms available in Pokemon Go, which likely means we'll see those Pokemon released during the event. Regional exclusive Pokemon originally seen in Johto include Heracross and Corsola, which should also be available to all players during the event. Legendary Pokemon from the Johto region include Ho-Oh, Lugia, and the Legendary Beasts Suicune, Entei, and Raikou. The sole Mythical Pokemon from the Johto region is Celebi.

Pokemon Go also announced a full slate of December plans, including the launch of a Dragon-themed event, a Swinub Incense Day, and the return of a year-end holiday event. The game also announced a brand new Season of Heritage event that seems to tie in with Pokemon Legends: Arceus, the upcoming Nintendo Switch game set in a past era of the Sinnoh region. December will also feature a new rotation of raid Pokemon and seasonal spawns, as well as a brand new Research Breakthrough encounter featuring Deino.