New 'Pokemon Go' Video Explains How Trainer Battles Work

Pokemon Go now supports Trainer Battles where players’ Pokemon can battle against each other, [...]

Pokemon Go now supports Trainer Battles where players' Pokemon can battle against each other, and a new video from Niantic explains how the system works.

Released into the game last week, Pokemon Go's long-awaited Trainer Battle feature was finally enabled after being teased for some time. It was known that the Trainer Battles would stick to the Fast Move and Charged Attack format that players were used to, and some people have already been able to try the new battle feature out. For those who haven't, the video above shows them what they have to do to engage other players with chosen teams of Pokemon.

Team leaders, nearby Trainers, and either Ultra Friends or Best Friends are all the people players can do battle with, so assuming you've already gotten acquainted with people that play Pokemon Go, you've got Trainers ready for you to fight. After scanning a Trainer's Battle Code or picking a friend to battle, players must choose a league they'll compete in. These leagues limit the maximum CP a Pokemon can have and still be eligible for the Trainer Battle, but the Master League has no limits on that power level.

Like any Pokemon veteran will know, players will have to choose their teams carefully when choosing the three Pokemon that'll compete in the battle. Type advantages and disadvantages as well as Charged Attacks will play into the outcome of the battle, so the how-to video advised picking a diverse team with Pokemon that know multiple Charged Attacks.

Once the actual battle begins, tapping the screen will result in the chosen Pokemon using Fast Attacks until their Charged Attack meter is filled up and allows them to use that more powerful attack. That's when knowing more than on of those attacks will come in handy seeing how players can pick the one that'll do the best against whatever type of Pokemon their opponent has. Defense also works a bit differently with players having to choose to use a Protect Shield at times to block incoming attacks, but they only have a certain number of that limited resource.

Only one Trainer will win at the end of every fight, but the Trainer Battles will still yield rewards for both the winners and the losers. These battles will also push players closer to acquiring the Ace Trainer medal.