Pokemon Go Players Reach New Milestone in Global Catch Challenge

Pokemon Go players are on pace to unlock Farfetch'd by the end of this week.Niantic announced via [...]

Pokemon Go players are on pace to unlock Farfetch'd by the end of this week.

Niantic announced via the Pokemon Go Twitter account that players had collectively caught over two billion Pokemon during the Global Catch Challenge, meaning that players only have a billion more Pokemon to catch to reach the Challenge's end goal.

Pokemon Go launched their first ever Global Catch Challenge on Sunday, offering a ton of bonuses and rewards for players collectively reaching certain goals. If players can catch three billion Pokemon by November 26th, they'll unlock a 48 hour period in which Farfetch'd spawns around the world instead of its usual region of Japan and East Asia.

As rewards for their current progress, Pokemon Go is giving players double XP and double Stardust bonuses for the remainder of the Global Catch Challenge. There's also an increase in Pokemon spawns, meant to encourage players to catch more Pokemon and help reach the end goal.

Interestingly, the Global Catch Challenge wasn't affected by the Thanksgiving holiday, even though a large portion of the US userbase was eating turkey and celebrating the holiday. It seems that players managed to catch a few Pokemon even while spending time with family.

At the current rate, players should hit the 3 billion Pokemon threshold by early Sunday morning.

We'll continue to provide updates about the Global Catch Challenge throughout the weekend. Be sure to keep catching Pokemon to help the Global Catch Challenge end in success!