Pokemon Go-Inspired Warcraft Game Reportedly Canceled

Blizzard was supposedly working on a new Warcraft game styled after Pokemon Go at some point, but that project has apparently been canceled now according to recent reports. That game was supposedly canceled at some point this year following reports dating back to 2018 that suggested such a game was in development. Blizzard does still have plans to reveal at least one mobile game this week, however, though those who were looking forward to seeing more about this Pokemon Go-type Warcraft project probably shouldn't get their hopes up for that one to make an appearance in light of the recent news.

Jez Corden from Windows Central who's also recently been sharing insights into the possibility of a Halo Infinite battle royale mode talked about the presumably canceled Warcraft mobile game not long ago on Twitter. Corden said he'd been getting messages asking about this Pokemon Go-inspired game but that it'd been "cancelled a while ago."

After seeing that tweet, Bloomberg's Jason Schreier said he asked around and could corroborate Corden's claim afterwards by saying that the Pokemon Go mobile project Blizzard was working on had been canceled earlier this year.

With that project now reportedly canned, that leaves Blizzard with at least one mobile game to be revealed this week that we know of. Over on the Warcraft social accounts, Blizzard's been hyping up the reveal of this new game given that it's the very first mobile game set within the Warcraft universe, though nothing about the game has been teased in an official capacity to indicate what it'll be like. It's rare for a game like this to have been kept so secret with nothing of note leaking prior to its reveal, though it won't be long before Warcraft fans will see what it's all about.


If you're one of those fans who wants to tune into the reveal to see what's coming, you can do so by stopping by Blizzard's page here at 10 a.m. PDT on May 3rd. Blizzard has not yet said how long this event would be nor has it said what, if anything, will be talked about separate from the main mobile game announcement.