Pokemon Go's Weather Week Adds New Shiny Pokemon That Has Never Appeared Before in Any Game

Pokemon Go's next event will add a new Shiny Pokemon that has never appeared before in any main [...]

Pokemon Go's next event will add a new Shiny Pokemon that has never appeared before in any main series or spinoff Pokemon game. The game announced plans for a Weather Week, which will kick off next Wednesday, March 24th after the conclusion of its Charge Up event. One of the major draws of the event is the addition of the Shiny version of Rainy Form Castform, which has not appeared in Pokemon Go before. The Shiny Rainy Castform has some additional intrigue for Pokemon fans - as this marks the first time that a Shiny version of a weather form Castform has appeared in any Pokemon game.

Prior to the release of Pokemon Sword and Shield, only the normal form of Castform could have a Shiny variant. When a Shiny Castform transformed into one of its alternate weather-dependent forms, the Pokemon would look like a non-Shiny Castform. When the Pokemon Home app came out in early 2020, dataminers discovered that all of Castform's forms now had Shiny variants. However, since Castform didn't appear in Pokemon Sword and Shield, we haven't seen these new Shiny forms in any game...until now. Notably, Pokemon Go has had Shiny Castform appear in the game for quite some time, but currently has no way for players to change the Pokemon's forms.

In addition to the new Shiny Pokemon, the Weather Week will also feature Pokemon that appear when the weather is either rainy or windy. Pokemon who appear more often in rainy weather situations, such as Vaporeon, Lotad, and Stunfisk, will appear from Wednesday to Saturday, while Pokemon that enjoy windy weather conditions, such as Skarmory, Taillow, and Pidove, will appear from Saturday to Monday. Players who catch a Pokemon with Weather Boost will also earn extra Stardust. The event will also be the last time that players can battle and capture Therian Form Thundurus before it (temporarily) leaves the game. While not announced, the event could also be a good way to officially release the Rainy Lure, a new kind of lure discovered in Pokemon Go's code by a datamine.

The Weather Week runs from Wednesday, March 24th to Monday March 29th.