Pokemon Go Datamine Reveals New Features and New Lures

Pokemon Go's latest update contains code that indicates that Pokemon Go is finally ramping up a [...]

Pokemon Go's latest update contains code that indicates that Pokemon Go is finally ramping up a long-awaited feature. Yesterday, Pokemon Go released its newest update and dataminers quickly cracked the game code open to see what secrets it contained. This new update contains information about a major new feature and a brand new lure that will likely serve as a new evolutionary item. The update contains tons of new code related to a Route Maker, a new feature teased in previous updates. The Route Maker will give Pokemon Go players a chance to create custom routes between Poke Stops and gyms. The code indicates that players can create custom routes that will then be submitted for approval, and that players can also select routes to complete. This is a popular feature in Niantic's first game Ingress, so it makes sense that Pokemon Go players will get the chance to make and follow routes.

Additionally, the datamine also found a new item - a Rainy Lure. While the Rainy Lure will likely be used to attract certain species of Water-type Pokemon, it may also be the way that Pokemon Go implements Sliggoo's evolution. In the main series games, Sliggoo can only be evolved in either foggy weather or rainy weather, so this new Lure might act as a substitute, similar to how the Glacial, Mossy, and Magnetic Lures all act as Evolutionary tools in the game.

As with all datamines, these new features' inclusion in Pokemon Go's code aren't a guarantee that they'll actually appear in the game. For instance, Pokemon Go has contained code for a Route Maker dating back to 2019, and we've yet to see it implemented in the game. In the meantime, players can enjoy a variety of new events this month, including a "Searching for Legends" event running now, a special Incense Day this weekend, and an event focused on Electric-type Pokemon that starts next week. The game also recently announced a new referral system that will get rolled out in the near future.