'Pokemon Gold' and 'Silver' for Nintendo 3DS Receiving Boxed Release

Pokemon Gold and Silver are receiving a physical boxed release soon in Europe to celebrate their port to the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console.

In the perfect way to celebrate the re-release of the classic Pokemon games, the Nintendo of Europe Twitter account announced on Friday that boxed versions of the game will be coming next month. September 22nd is the release date for now, and collectors appear to be pretty stoked at the chance to grab their copy of the shiny versions of the game boxes.

But if you find yourself wondering why a game being released on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console would need a boxed release at all, you're definitely not alone. There's a very important notice on the box that Pokemon enthusiasts should take note of that explains that the box only contains a download code, not a physical cartridge. The notice redirects players to the Nintendo eShop to redeem their download, and with the games only taking up 130 blocks of space on the handheld device, it makes sense that it wouldn't have a whole cartridge devoted to it.

Still, the physical release is definitely geared more towards collectors who remember the first couple of Pokemon games fondly. For those types of players, the boxed editions of the 3DS versions of Pokemon Gold and Silver will make great additions to any Pokemon collection.

The Nintendo 3DS versions of Pokemon Gold and Silver were announced back in June during Pokemon Direct. It was confirmed that the virtual editions of the game would allow players to take part in all the conveniences of modern Pokemon games including linked battles, trades, and even the Time Capsule function will be available. Pokemon can also be stored and transferred using the Pokemon Bank feature.


With the tweet above only coming from the Nintendo of Europe Twitter account at this time, it's unclear whether or not the boxed versions of the virtual games will be released in other regions as well.