Pokemon Home Was Downloaded More Than 1 Million Times on Mobile

Pokemon Home seems to be a pretty big hit with franchise fans. The app allows users to bring 17 [...]

Pokemon Home seems to be a pretty big hit with franchise fans. The app allows users to bring 17 years-worth of pocket monsters into one single home (hence the name), and an awful lot of players are doing just that! Released on February 12th, the mobile version of the app has been downloaded 1.3 million times globally. According to estimates, the app has also generated $1.8 million in spending among users thus far, which makes sense considering there are multiple different pricing tiers. Users based in the U.S. accounted for nearly 34% of those that installed the app.

While the numbers are impressive, it should be noted that, since the app is available in a more fleshed out form on Nintendo Switch, it stands to reason that there could be a large number of users that didn't download the mobile version. The mobile version is certainly a nice complement to the Switch app but it also isn't technically necessary, as the Switch version gives players more options, and allows Pokemon to be moved freely between the app and the Switch games. Having access to Home on mobile does allow users to trade Pokemon quite a bit more freely on-the-go, however.

It will be interesting to see how those download numbers increase over the coming months. It seems quite likely that the release of the Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC could have a significant impact on downloads for Pokemon Home. The upcoming expansion will increase the number of older Pokemon obtainable in the Galar region, which might give players an extra incentive to move their older Pokemon into the latest versions of the game.

There really is an undeniably exciting element to Pokemon Home. While Pokemon Box previously allowed players to move Pokemon between the DS and 3DS versions, Home is a much more robust experience, and one that should continue to improve over time. The Pokemon Company has already stated that compatibility with Pokemon Go will arrive sometime in the future. As of this writing, moving Pokemon from Pokemon Go is a slightly complicated process, so players should be happy to see a more straightforward option.

With its organization options and easy online trading, completing the National Pokedex is a much more manageable task than ever before. For longtime fans, Pokemon Home's current success is certainly unsurprising. Time will tell how the app continues to perform for The Pokemon Company.

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