Pokemon Just Released a Bizarre Ode to Magikarp

Magikarp fans, rejoice! You finally have a theme song.

Earlier today, the Pokemon Company uploaded a nearly four minute video that literally sings the praise of the world's weakest Pokemon: Magikarp. The video simultaneously criticizes the floppy fish Pokemon for being sad and pathetic while crooning about how loved it is by people around the world.

"Honestly, it's magical that you've survived this long," comments the anonymous singer, who sounds like she's just a little girl.

We're not sure what spurred the Pokemon Company to publish a four minute diss track about one of its own characters, but it might be the greatest thing we've ever seen. The song implies that Magikarp is only good for being eaten by Pidgeotto and that it takes too long for Magikarp to evolve into the much more powerful Gyarados. It even comments on Magikarp's Shiny forme, noting that although a Shiny Magikarp is golden...it's still a Magikarp inside.

Still, the song does have a point. Magikarp remains a perennial favorite among Pokemon fans and is featured in plenty of merchandise every year. The floppy fish Pokemon will even star in its very own mobile game, Splash! Magikarp, which should be released later this week.


Our hope is that the Pokemon Company releases more theme songs for individual Pokemon in the coming weeks, but for now you can marvel at the video above.