New Pokemon Movie to Air on Disney XD in November

The newest Pokemon movie has an official television air date.

Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You will premiere on Disney XD on November 25th, just three weeks after it makes a one weekend appearance in US theaters. Disney XD will also air two new (in the US) episodes of Pokemon the Series: Sun and Moon right before the movie.

The latest Pokemon movie is a retelling of Ash's origin story with Pikachu, complete with a replay of Ash and Pikachu's first battle against a flock of angry Spearow. In the movie, Ash and Pikachu eventually go off in search of Ho-Oh, the Legendary Pokemon that they encountered on their first day as partners.

While many fans are excited for the new movie, Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You has also attracted a bit of controversy. Brock and Misty are replaced in the movie by two new characters, and there's also a controversial death near the climax of the film. Although some fans thought that Brock and Misty were permanently replaced, the main Pokemon anime series brought Brock and Misty back for a two-episode arc earlier this year. The English version of that episode will air on Disney XD immediately before the movie.

To help promote the movie's upcoming release, the Pokemon Company has run several special Pokemon giveaways, handing out Pikachu wearing Ash's Cap and a new Mythical Pokemon named Marshadow to help get fans hyped for the film.


The new Pokemon the Series: Sun and Moon episodes will air at 9 AM and 9:30 AM ET, while Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You will air at 10 AM ET on November 25th.