New Pokemon Title Coming in 2019

Pokemon fans will have a new pair of core-series Pokemon games in the second half of 2019.As part [...]

Pokemon fans will have a new pair of core-series Pokemon games in the second half of 2019.

As part of tonight's big Pokemon media conference, Game Freak confirmed that they were working on another pair of Pokemon games for the Nintendo Switch, which will be released in the second half of 2019.

Although no new details were announced about the games, these games will likely be set in a new region and feature new Pokemon, making them the first "new" games of the eighth generation of games. They'll also follow the more traditional style of Pokemon X & Y or Sun and Moon as opposed to the new style of Pokemon Let's Go, which is marketed towards casual players.

The Pokemon Company's big 2018 title is Pokemon Let's Go, a game that combines traditional Pokemon gameplay mechanics with Pokemon Go features. Players can use motion controls or a special PokeBall Plus controller to catch Pokemon and use them in traditional Pokemon battles against other trainers.

Pokemon Let's Go is considered a core-series title and was developed by Game Freak. However, it's also a remake of Pokemon Yellow, and the trailer seemed to hint that the game would only feature the first 150 Pokemon from the Pokemon franchise. It also seems to be missing some of the nuance that more recent Pokemon games have had, although it's possible that Mega Evolution or Z-Moves could make a comeback in the form of post-game content.

For fans of the other 650 Pokemon, that means that we'll likely have to wait until next year to see those Pokemon on the Nintendo Switch...unless Game Freak has some big surprises in store for us.

Pokemon Let's Go is also a big deal because it's the first game to have true multiplayer capabilities. Players can work together in Pokemon Let's Go to catch Pokemon and battle trainers. It will be interesting to see if the 2019 Switch games will keep this multiplayer function or return the game to a more single-player gameplay style.

While 2019 is still a long way out, players disappointed by the Pokemon Let's Go announcement should keep their eye on the next games. We're guessing that Pokemon Let's Go will serve as an entry point for new players, so that the 2019 titles can introduce them to all the other Pokemon and gameplay options that fans love.

Stay tuned for more Pokemon news coming in the next few days!