Pokemon Go Celebrates Paris Fashion Week With More Costumed Pokemon

pogo fashion week hed
(Photo: Niantic)

More costumed Pokemon are coming to Pokemon Go to celebrate Paris's Fashion Week. Today, Pokemon Go announced a new collaboration with Longchamp Paris, which will feature several new avatar items based on real-world Longchamp accessories along with several new "fashionable Pokemon" appearing in the game wearing new costumes. The collaboration will be celebrated with a Pokemon Go event that kicks off on October 2nd and coincides with the start of Paris's annual Fashion Week. During the event, costumed versions of Kirlia, Shinx, Smoochum, and Croagunk will all appear in the game from either raids, 7 KM eggs, or in the wild.

During the event, top hat-wearing versions of Shinx and Kirlia will appear in raids, while a bow-wearing Smoochum will hatch from 7 KM eggs. A backwards hat-wearing Croagunk will appear as a surprise encounter when using the GO Snapshot feature, and will also appear in the wild as a rare encounter. Exclusive Field Research will also appear, and Pokemon like Mareep, Skity, Roselia, Kricketot, Blitzle, Cottonee, Minccino, and Gothita will spawn with greater frequency in the wild. Players can also get a Longchamp avatar item for free during the event. Finally, Pokemon Go will add the Shiny version of Kricketot to the game as part of the event. The Fashion week event will last until October 8th.

This isn't the first time that Pokemon Go has teamed up with an apparel maker to celebrate the launch of a Pokemon line, but this is definitely the first time that we've gotten a full week-long event with promotional Pokemon. We'll have to see if Pokemon Go has any other fashionable surprises in store as it gears up for Halloween, which will also feature some costumed Pokemon in some capacity.