New Pokemon Plushes Fit in the Palm of Your Hand

All 151 original Pokemon are being transformed into pint-sized plushes that fit in the palm of your hand.

The new line of "Pokemon Fit" Plushes will be released in Japan starting this Friday. The new plushes will feature all 151 Pokemon from the original Pokemon games, which is convenient since we're getting a Kanto-focused set of games for the Nintendo Switch this fall.

A wave of 30 Pokemon plushes will come out this week in Pokemon Center stores in July, followed by the other 121 in November. The first wave includes a mix of popular Pokemon like Pikachu, Eevee, and Mew and some unexpected choices like Kadabra or Drowsee.

While The Pokemon Company has released other miniaturized plushes in the past, those are usually simplified "Poke Dolls" that focus on the face of the Pokemon and not the rest of the body. From what we can see, these new Pokemon plushes are not only based on the actual Pokemon designs, they also include Pokemon that never get turned into plushes - like Staryu or Diglett.

Although individual plushes will be relatively cheap at 1,100 yen (or about $10 in US dollars), the full set of 151 Pokemon will cost about $1,500!


Unfortunately, these Pokemon plushes will only be available in Japan - so you'll either have to make a trip abroad or find a trustworthy reseller if there's a particular Pokemon Fit plush that you can't wait to have. If the plushes are popular enough, there's a chance that the Pokemon Company will eventually sell them on their online Pokemon Center retail store, although committing to 151 new plushes might be too much for the Pokemon Company right now.

With the release of Pokemon: Let's Go later this year, we're about to see a wave of merchandise focused on the original Pokemon. That's great news for fans of the original games and should help drum up the same nostalgic feelings everyone felt back in summer 2016 with the initial launch of Pokemon Go!