New Pokemon Tabletop Game Announced

A new Pokemon-themed version of a popular tabletop card game is coming soon, but only in South Korea. The Korean tabletop publisher Mandoo Games announced Point Salad: Eevee Edition, a new version of the popular card game published by AEG in the United States. Rules for the Eevee-themed version of Point Salad weren't immediately available, but the base card game involves collecting sets of different cards, so it'll likely be a straightforward adaptation with Eevee and its assorted evolutions replacing the onions, carrots, and other salad ingredients in the core game. We'll note that in the promo version below, it appears the Leafeon and Glaceon were left out of the game, likely because Point Salad only has six type of cards. 

While currently only available in Japan, the announcement of Point Salad: Eevee Edition is notable in that it's a new installment in the relatively small selection of Pokemon tabletop games. While The Pokemon Company publishes the Pokemon Trading Card Game, one of the largest collectible card games in the world, it doesn't have a lot of other options. Outside of a pair of Monopoly Editions, the only other Pokemon tabletop game currently available is a Pokemon version of Labyrinth, which was first released in Europe before making its way over to the US. 


The tricky part of getting a US version of the game is that a publisher – either AEG or another publisher – would need to obtain a license to make a Pokemon version of Point Salad for that specific region. If AEG weren't making the game, they'd also need to obtain the license for Point Salad itself. All of this can take time, so it may be a minute before we see Point Salad: Eevee Edition come to markets outside of Korea.