Grandma Goes Viral Over Amazing Pokemon Nickname Video

Over the last 25 years, the mascots of the Pokemon franchise have become household names, but that doesn't mean that everyone is super familiar with them. After watching a video of a grandmother incorrectly guessing Bulbasaur's name as "Strawberry," streamer Purplecliffe decided to quiz his own grandmother on the Pokemon's name. He decided to record her response, where she referred to the Pokemon as "the green-eyed toad." It's a cute exchange to be sure, but then Purplecliffe decides to share a text message exchange in which his grandmother shows him some pretty flowers before threatening to shoot any deer that might come near them!

The TikTok video can be found embedded below.


Purplecliffe Quizzes His Grandma #fyp #pokemon #purplecliffe

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The video of Purplecliffe's exchanges with his grandmother has exploded on the platform, gaining more than 340,000 likes, as of this writing. The viral video was first reported on by Dexerto, and the outlet's coverage led to another amusing exchange. On Twitter, Purplecliffe shared another text message from his grandmother. After telling her about the Dexerto article and all of the likes on TikTok, his grandmother noted that she "might have to get a disguise" thanks to her new popularity! The whole thing is really sweet, and it's fun to see just how much Purplecliffe's fans, and others, have embraced his grandmother over the last few weeks.

While Purplecliffe's grandmother might not be overly familiar with Pokemon, the streamer certainly is! Purplecliffe has gained a strong following on his various social channels thanks to his Pokemon-themed content. The streamer has more than 20,000 followers on TikTok, and this video will likely lead to more Pokemon fans seeking out his content. Of course, with multiple people challenging their grandparents to name Pokemon, this could become the next big trend. I'd be curious to see whether my own grandmother could identify Pikachu, let alone Bulbasaur!

Are you a fan of Purplecliffe's Pokemon content? Do you think your grandparents could identify Bulbasaur or any other Pokemon? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter at @Marcdachamp to talk all things gaming!

[H/T: Dexerto]