The Pokemon 'Rainy Day' Pikachu Funko Pop Figure Is in Stock

We are now in month number two of the 'A Day With Pikachu' seasonal Pop figure collaboration [...]


We are now in month number two of the "A Day With Pikachu" seasonal Pop figure collaboration between Pokemon Company and Funko. The "One Lucky Day" figure for March sold out quickly and can only be had on sites like eBay, and the same fate likely awaits the "Rainy Day Pokemon" sad Pikachu Pop for April.

At the time of writing, the "Rainy Day Pokemon" figure is in stock at Pokemon Center for the standard $14.99. When in inevitably sells out, you guessed it... it'll be eBay again. The remaining ten figures in the "A Day With Pikachu" Funko Pop lineup are as follows:

• A Day with Pikachu: Blooming Curiosity
• A Day with Pikachu: Sweet Days Are Here
• A Day with Pikachu: Sparking Up a Celebration
• A Day with Pikachu: Splashing Away Summer
• A Day with Pikachu: Charged Up for Game Day
• A Day with Pikachu: Surprises to Fall For
• A Day with Pikachu: Completely Thank-Full
• A Day with Pikachu: A Cool New Friend
• A Day with Pikachu: Ringing In the Fun
• A Day with Pikachu: Surprising Weather Ahead


In other Pokemon Funko Pop news, the the third Pop figure in their standard Pokemon lineup was released recently, and it's none other than Charmander! Pre-orders for the Charmander Pop are live right here with shipping slated for June.

The release of the Charmander Funko Pop comes just over a month after the debut of Bulbasaur. If you haven't added that figure to your collection yet, you can pre-order one right here with shipping slated for April. Unfortunately, you'll need to head on over to eBay to score the Target exclusive Pikachu Pop that kicked off Funko's Pokemon lineup back in July of last year.

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