More Early Pokemon Designs Discovered from 'Pokemon Red and Green' Beta

Dozens of early Pokemon designs have appeared online thanks to an early beta of Pokemon Red and Green.

Earlier today, a group of Pokemon enthusiasts announced on Twitter that they had obtained assets from an early Pokemon Red and Green beta, thanks to an anonymous donor. While some details are still vague about what all is inside the beta, the group revealed dozens of never before seen Pokemon designs.

There are a few caveats to this discovery. While the beta contains early designs of many existing Pokemon (including a Venusaur with a tree-like flower on its back, a more rotund Gengar, and a tiny version of Zubat), the beta only shows the back sprites of most of the Pokemon that didn't make the cut.

Some of the new Pokemon include a yeti-like Pokemon that appears to be a male version of Jynx, a squid Pokemon, a baby version of Goldeen, a middle evolution between Psyduck and Golduck, and an evolved version of Marowak. Several other previously known scrapped Pokemon also appear, including "Cactus," "Crocky," the Raichu evolution Gorochu, and Omega.

However, the biggest surprise is that Squirtle apparently wasn't supposed to evolve into Blastoise. The new beta not only shows off a new Pokemon that looks very similar to Wartortle (complete with the elf-like ears and tail) but also a miniature version of Blastoise, complete with little guns coming out of its back. It appears that Blastoise originally was part of a separate line that was merged with Squirtle's evolutionary line in the final game.

You can check out the full sprite images below:


The leaked beta also includes variant designs of Red (who, like many trainers in the beta, is wielding a whip), an NPC trainer that looks to be a robot, and the player character's father.


There's a lot to look through, so expect more surprises and revelations from this massive leak soon!