Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Leak Teases Fuecoco's Final Evolution

A known Pokemon Scarlet and Violet leaker with a history of mixed results claims to have the inside scoop on Fuecoco's final form. Earlier this year, The Pokemon Company revealed Fuecoco, a new Fire-type Pokemon that will serve as one of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's Starter Pokemon. Although Fuecoco was described as a "Fire Croc" Pokemon, players immediately began to speculate whether Fuecoco would eventually evolve into a snake-like Pokemon, following a pattern of Fire-type Starter Pokemon being modeled after Chinese Zodiac animals. However, Riddler Khu, a known leaker with a penchant of placing vague clues behind incomprehensible riddles and then claiming they relate to revealed information, claims otherwise. 

In a series of Twitter posts, Khu strongly hinted that Fuecoco would continue on its crocodilian path. In one post, Khu posted a picture of four potential body shapes for Fuecoco's final evolution and then immediately dismissed the serpentine body shape as "a meme." They then posted a picture of a computer desktop screen with an image of a rooster standing on top of a crocodile, which seemed to be another hint at Fuecoco remaining a crocodile.

To be clear, it's not much of a stretch to say that Fuecoco would remain a crocodile. After all, the Pokemon is literally described as a "fire croc." While Pokemon can undergo major shifts when they evolve, it seems unlikely that The Pokemon Company would hop species when modeling a Pokemon's future evolutions. 

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be the first truly "open world" Pokemon games, with players able to explore the entire region without being constrained by a specific storyline. Additionally, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be the first co-op multiplayer Pokemon games, with up to four players able to explore the region at the same time. It's unclear if multiplayer will allow multiple players to participate in Pokemon battles (similar to Pokemon Sword and Shield's raid system) or if it will be limited to social experiences. 

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be released on November 18th.