Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Players Surprised with Another Mystery Gift Code

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players have already gotten another Mystery Gift code to redeem this week following the first one that was made available shortly after the game launched. While still useful, this code unfortunately won't give you anything to help you fight against the 7-Star Charizard Raid that also just went live in the game recently. This latest code awards players with several different sandwich ingredients that can be used to make different meal combinations with various effects.

The code for this second Mystery Gift is HAJ1ME0R1G1NAL, and it'll grant players 10 each of the following ingredients: Peanut Butter, Prosciutto, Hamburger, Cream Cheese, Noodles, and Rice. Ingredients for sandwiches may not seem like a lot, and it's true that these things wouldn't be too expensive to purchase on their own, but free is free, and not all of these ingredients are available right away. Some of them including the Hamburger are good for hunting Shiny Pokemon, too, while other parts like the Cream Cheese can increase the likelihood of players getting eggs from picnics. Again, not a game-changer by any means, but it's a free bonus that players wouldn't have gotten otherwise.

Mystery Gifts in past Pokemon games have sometimes been lighter rewards like this one while others are actual Pokemon such as the one that was given away recently, so based on how the first two Mystery Gifts have played out in Scarlet and Violet, it looks like the same will be true for these games. These codes for these sorts of Mystery Gifts can typically be found within the news section of the game's menu once a player is connected to the Internet, but if not found there, you can bet you'll hear about them on social media or elsewhere once players start figuring out that a new code is available.


In related news, the rules for the first season of competitive play within Pokemon Scarlet and Violet were just shared, too. Perhaps more importantly than that, we also now seem to have an idea of what kinds of rewards will be given away so that people can see if the ranked grind is worth their time.