Pokemon Sword and Shield Announced

Nintendo has revealed a new pair of Pokemon games.

Nintendo and The Pokemon Company have announced Pokemon Sword and Shield, a new pair of Pokemon games. The new games will take fans to the Galar region, which seems to be based on Industrial Revolution style England and will be released for the Nintendo Switch. The trailer showed off the Starter Pokemon Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble.

The new games were announced on Pokemon Day, the anniversary of the release of Pokemon Red and Green over in Japan. These games will officially launch the eighth generation of Pokemon games, which means we can expect more new Pokemon and surprise reveals in the months ahead.

Although these technically aren't the first Pokemon games released for the Nintendo Switch, Pokemon Sword and Shield is the first "main series" games for a household console and will have all the features and mechanics missing from last fall's Pokemon Let's Go games. That means Abilities, breeding, held items, and other popular features that were missing from the last games.

Pokemon Sword and Shieldwill be released in late 2019, just in time for the holiday season. UPDATE: Pre-orders are live!



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