There Is an Army of Tap-Dancing Mr. Mime in Pokemon Sword and Shield and It's Terrifying

Pokemon Sword and Shield features a new form of the oft-derided clown Pokemon Mr. Mime. Pokemon Sword and Shield features several Pokemon with unique forms caused by prolonged exposure to the unique atmospheres and habitats of the Galar region. While most of these Pokemon are animal-like creatures exposed to harsh conditions, Mr. Mime also gained a new Galarian form. Mr. Mime has always been a bit of an unusual Pokemon - he's basically a malformed human with fleshy head spikes that resemble hair and dodgeballs for shoulders who has the psychic ability to create invisible walls - but the new Pokemon games take Mr. Mime a bit too far. In Pokemon Sword and Shield, Mr. Mime is a tap dancer that produces a constant sheet of ice for it to perform on using its frosty pixie-like shoes.

Players will find the Galarian Mr. Mime in the wild while traveling through Route 10 on the way to Wyndon City, the largest city of Galar and also the site of the game's final Champion Battle. Mr. Mime is one of the handful of Pokemon that appears in the overworld map, slowly stumbling around with its ice tie and tap shoes in just about every grassy area. It's a bit unnerving to creep around tall grass surrounded by Mr. Mime, especially when each of them are doing a little softstep in the grass. Imagine trying to survive a zombie apocalypse, only you're surrounding by tap-dancing clowns that are slowly making their way towards you while dancing to a jig that only they can hear.

Mr. Mime even picks up an evolution in Pokemon Sword and Shield - turning into the Psychic/Ice-type Mr. Rime. Mr. Rime seems to be a homage to Charlie Chaplin, picking up a bowler hat, an ice cane, and a small moustache in the process. Mr. Rime is described as the "Comedian Pokemon," even though the Pokemon mostly just bumbles around whirling its ice cane dangerously.


Mr. Mime evolves into Mr. Rime at Level 42, so players can grab Mr. Mime and evolve it pretty quickly once they find the Pokemon on Route 10.

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