Pokemon Sword and Shield: Here's All the Pokemon You Can Encounter Along Route 1

Pokemon Sword and Shield players will have tons of Pokemon to catch right when they start the game. Shortly after starting their journey in Postwick, players will have their first opportunity to catch Pokemon as they journey along Route 1, the area between Postwick and the neighboring town of Wedgehurst. Armed with a handful of Poke Balls, players will have their first opportunity to catch some of the game's new Pokemon. You'll be able to catch the new Pokemon Skwovet, Rookidee, Wooloo, Blipbug and Nickit along the route, along with older Pokemon Caterpie, Hoothoot, and Grubbin.

One key to making sure you "catch 'em all" in Pokemon Sword and Shield is understanding that some Pokemon only appear roaming through the overworld map, while others can only be found by approaching the rustling patches grass that occasionally appear. Some Pokemon also show up both on the overworld map and in patches of rustling grass, which can confuse things if you're not aware of the separate encounter tables.

So - what Pokemon can you find along Route 1 in Pokemon Sword and Shield? Here's the full list:

Overworld Encounters:

  • Skwovet - 50%
  • Rookidee - 30%
  • Wooloo - 15%
  • Nickit - 5%

Non-Overworld Encounters:

  • Skwovet - 40%
  • Blipbug - 30%
  • Caterpie - 15%
  • Grubbin - 10%
  • Hoothoot - 5%

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