Pokemon Sword and Shield Celebrates the Holidays With Delibird Raids

Pokemon Sword and Shield is getting into the holiday spirit. From now until December 25th, players will have an increased chance of encountering Delibird in Max Raid Battles. This Ice/Flying-type Pokemon is the unofficial Pokemon mascot for the holiday seasons, as it gives its opponents presents from its sack-like tail that can either damage or heal. Defeating Delibird in Max Raid Battles will also give players more candies as rewards during the event.

Players can encounter Delibird in Max Raid Battles in the Wild Area, a semi-open world area with dozens of different Pokemon habitats. The Delibird raids can appear in any Dynamax den, so players should just bounce from den to den until they find a Delibird that suits their fancy. Delibird raids will have five levels of difficulty, ranging from easy 1 Star raids to more difficult 5 Star raids.

Players can choose to take on Delibird alone or with other players online, but it's recommended that they team up with other players if trying to defeat Delibird in a 5 Star Raid. As an Ice/Flying-type Pokemon, Delibird is particularly susceptible to Rock-type attacks, and is also weak against Fire-, Electric-, and Steel-type attacks.

While Delibird isn't exactly a rare Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield (the Pokemon appears in the Wild Area in several areas when it snows), this is a good opportunity to stock up on Candies and other Raid rewards.


Players can also take advantage of ongoing raid events that offer players greater chances to encounter Gigantamax versions of Snorlax, Butterfree, Drednaw, Centiskorch, Sandaconda, and Corviknight. Those Pokemon will appear more frequently in Max Raid Battles until January 9th.

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