Pokemon Sword and Shield Leak Reveals 21 New Moves Coming With DLC

A new Pokemon Sword and Shield leak has reportedly revealed 21 new moves coming to the pair of Nintendo Switch games alongside their upcoming DLC. The new leak comes way of a new datamining of not a new update for Pokemon Sword and Shield, but the new update for Pokemon Home. When digging through this update, dataminers unearthed a list of new moves seemingly coming to Sword and Shield in the near future.

Unfortunately, this is where the details dry up. Meaning, we don't know what the moves are, which Pokemon will learn them, or whether or not any of them have placeholder names. That said, we do have the following list of 21 moves:

  • Expanding Force
  • Steel Roller
  • Scale Shot
  • Meteor Beam
  • Shell Side Arm
  • Misty Explosion
  • Grassy Glide
  • Rising Voltage
  • Terrain Pulse
  • Skitter Smack
  • Burning Jealousy
  • Lash Out
  • Poltergeist
  • Corrosive Gas
  • Coaching
  • Flip Turn
  • Triple Axel
  • Dual Wingbeat
  • Scorching Sands
  • Jungle Healing
  • Wicked Blow
  • Surging Strikes

As you can see, all of the names sound like move names you'd see in a Pokemon game, except "Coaching," which dataminers think is almost certainly a placeholder of sorts.

That said, as always, all of this should be taken with a grain of salt. While datamining leaks are typically quite reliable, nothing here is official, and everything is also subject to change.


Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are both available via the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite. The pair of games will be added to this June via The Isle of Armor, and then sometime later this year via The Crown Tundra. Both expansions will require the base game.

"Once the dust settles from the controversies stirred up over the summer, Pokemon Sword and Shield will be looked upon by fans fondly," reads a snippet from our official review of the game. "This is a great Pokemon game, one that, at times, pushes up against its self-imposed limitations and teases a new path for the Pokemon franchise. The real question coming out of Pokemon Sword and Shield is whether the Pokemon Company will build upon the newest innovations seen in the game and strive to keep the Pokemon franchise exciting and relevant, or if they'll just retreat to familiarity and disappoint a fanbase looking for reasons to keep playing for decades to come. Pokemon Sword and Shield is a half-step forward for the Pokemon franchise — we'll see if they put the other step forward with their next set of games, which could be critical to keeping some of its more jaded fans."

H/T, Centro Pokemon.