Pokemon Sword and Shield Player Has the Most Unexpected Shiny Encounter

Pokemon Sword and Shield players will know that catching shiny Pokemon is not easy. In fact, many players on Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite will never catch a shiny Pokemon. That said, while the odds are against players, there are many hardcore players who dedicate hours and hours to hunting down Shiny Pokemon. That said, sometimes players will spend dozens and dozens of hours tracking down specific shinies, and other times, shinies come looking for them.

Taking to Reddit, one player revealed that after spending 90 minutes hunting down the Galarian form of Zapdos, a square shiny of Tyrogue immediately charged them. As you may know, there's a 1/4096 chance for a wild star shiny. That said, this is a square shiny, which are rarer when breeding, but more common in the wild. Despite this, they are still very rare, and for one to charge you immediately upon catching a legendary is not an everyday occurrence.

Below, you can check out the sequence of events for yourself:

As you would expect, this video shot straight to the top of the game's Reddit page, which is largely dominated by shiny-catching moments. This isn't the luckiest shiny moment to pop up on the Reddit page, but it's up there. It's not often you catch a legendary and a shiny so close to each other. That said, we don't know whether or not the player actually went on to catch the shiny. Whatever the case, hopefully, they bought a few lottery tickets after this.


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