Pokemon Launches Project Piplup

The Pokemon Company has launched Project Piplup, a new social media campaign designed to highlight [...]

The Pokemon Company has launched Project Piplup, a new social media campaign designed to highlight the adorable Water-type Pokemon ahead of the release of Pokemon: Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. Earlier this year, The Pokemon Company launched its newest Pokemon-themed campaign - Project Piplup. The new campaign is designed to "spread the charm" of Piplup ahead of two Pokemon game releases, both of which are set in Piplup's home region of Sinnoh. The campaign currently consists of a Twitter account that regularly posts videos of Piplup from various Pokemon games, a website, and a launch video (seen above) that shows a large Piplup mascot doing a photo shoot at The Pokemon Company's headquarters.

Project Piplup is similar to the 2018 Project Eevee campaign that also primarily ran on Twitter. That Project was meant to boost the profile of Eevee ahead of the Pokemon, Let's Go! game launches by showing Eevee as equally adorable to Pikachu. Given that Piplup is one of the more popular Pokemon in the franchise, it seems that The Pokemon Company is hoping that Piplup can do some heavy lifting when it comes to promoting its upcoming Pokemon games. Project Piplup will likely come with some merchandise campaigns and other promotions, although there's a good chance that they will be exclusive to Japan.

Piplup is one of the three Starter Pokemon that appear in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, the two games that introduced the Sinnoh region. The Pokemon Company will be releasing remakes of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl later this year, featuring a blend of updated battle graphics and a chibi-style gridded map style reminiscent of the original Pokemon games. In addition, Game Freak is also developing an open-world Pokemon game called Pokemon Legends: Arceus, which is set in a feudal version of the Sinnoh region. Piplup is confirmed to appear in both games.

You can follow the Project Piplup Twitter account here.